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Bags of Hope

Donate to Bags Of Hope now

Give an entire family a little hope for today, tomorrow and beyond.

For just $20 each month, you can dry a motherís tears, ease a fatherís burden, fill a childís stomach and provide hope where none existed before.

All in the name of Jesus.

All Bags of Hope include a Gospel witness and are distributed by pastors and mature church members.

Bags Of Hope Signup Sheet

We are currently distributing Bags of Hope to the following countries:

  • Honduras
  • Egypt
  • Syria
  • India
  • Kenya
You can purchase bags for any one or all of these countries every month, or choose to have your bags sent to the most needy country at the time. You can send money in for Bags of Hope by check, credit card or PayPal. You can send $20 a month, $60 every 3 months, $120 every 6 months or whatever is convenient for you. Please fill out the downloadable form and them mail it/fax it or email it to us at the following address:

By Mail: 1200 Peachtree Street
Louisville, GA, 30434

By Phone: Toll Free: 800-522-4324
Telephone: 706-955-4916
FAX: 706-955-4908

By Email:

Donate to Bags Of Hope now

Preacher Masa Raju

Wife: Rajalakshmi
Children: 1
Country: India

Needs additional support
What is a sponsorship?

   †††We live in a small village named Tantikonda. There is a big Hindu temple. The total population is nearly 10,000. I used to run a barber shop. One day I went to a large city to attend a wedding and a barber shop function. While there I ate dinner with a relative who gave me a Christian tract. I was very impressed by it. Immediately I went to the address of Pastor Kumar. He explained the simple way to get salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ by His grace. Then I confessed my sins and accepted Jesus as my Savior. He presented me with a Bible and gave me some tracts for distribution among the villagers.

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